Love Assist Coach – The 1:1 Approach

Don’t go it alone – Get a Love Assist Chaperone – Dr Jordan Alexander, Your Personal Love Coach – STRICTLY LIMITED – Only 10 places available each month!

I will personally work with you to grow your love and relationship skills. You’ll access the full L2 three-step learning program featuring the latest neuroscience and evidence based best-practice. You’ll get over $2,500 value including:

  • three months of personal coaching (including email and Skype interactions) totalling up to 6 hours of direct contact
  • hands-on assistance to develop three online dating profiles
  • full support through your first match responses during your first three months online


  • REAL ME. BETTER WE. Comprehensive Intensive Online Program (397 value)
  • Be part of the LAA exclusive online Facebook community to support each other’s journeys
  • 20% discount on future LAA purchases

Extra coaching hours can be purchased separately

Learn more about Love Assist Associates:

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