Book 2

Looking for your next installment of the Alexis story? You’ll find it at Valentine’s Day. What can you expect? Well, lots more lessons and lots more love.

Finding true love is never easy, especially if it’s your first time. Just as she gets her life back on track and is comfortable flying solo, a casual rendezvous with flyboy Jack sends Alexis into romance free-fall.

Climb to new heights in this sequel to I love you, send money. Book 2 in the trilogy follows Alexis to the great white north of Canada, the Pacific Northwest and exotic new locales. Exploring different places is good fun, but the greatest adventure is the one of self-discovery.

In this sequel, Alexis seeks answers to deeper questions that underpin her life, beliefs, and foundations. It is an extreme love story, balancing a long distance courtship with learning the art of self-love – both elusive, but for different reasons. Aristotle once said ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ What he neglected to mention, was that it might cause turbulence…