NEW YEAR’S UPDATE – A great start to 2017!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season with your family and friends. It was a great start to the new year getting your wonderful photos and seeing ILYSM travelling the globe. Craig (Driver #33) managed to get ILYSM across the border to Mexico avoiding Trump’s wall saga, and we got some awesome press on The Amazing Read race: “Woman’s first novel is winging it’s way around the world in a charity-driven adventure” – Click here if you missed it: In the News 12th January –

This month we feature some of our amazing women drivers (comfortable with asking for directions if/when needed) and their chosen charities. Each is a successful business women, plays a key family role and contributes so much to their community – you’re all awesome!!!

It would be good to report on the current location of each team’s book, so please send details – photos, reviews and team email addresses. Remember all team readers will get these regular updates and an eBook when I receive their photo/email.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my challenge to you is SPOIL YOURSELF! Don’t wait for the massage, chocolates and flowers to arrive – just do it. Heck, don’t even wait – do it today (and maybe again tomorrow) and if Cupid prompts you to go online to find love, be sure to watch my ‘educational’ Top 10 Online Dating Tips video below:  Arohanui, Jordan xox 
 Top 10 Online Dating Tips Video

And now…more of our Amazing Read drivers & their charities:

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Visit Plunket >>>

Meet Driver #12 – Sadie of VS Hairdressing

Sadie is Driver #12, and when not on holiday in Noumea (above), can be found at VS Hairdressing in Karori. As owner/operator of this boutique style salon, Sadie has created an oasis for her clients to escape the sometimes daily chaos in our lives. Sadie uses only the best products, and after 30 years in business, you know you are in great hands! Both you and your hair walk out of VS Hairdressing wonderful and worry-free – Every time. Sadie REALLY knows her stuff – call her today!

Sadie’s charity choice is Plunket, NZ’s largest provider of free support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five. When Sadie had her first of three children, all her family support was in England. Plunket nurses at home visits and on the free PlunketLine provided her with crucial information and support. Plunket also organises parent groups, toy libraries, drop-in centres, playgroups & more. A very worthy charity all mums will attest!

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Craig’s Book #33 crosses border to Mexico

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Meet Driver #42 – Malia of HydroHealth
Visit HydroHealtH >>>

Malia feels she was given a second chance at life after a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2002. Getting the all clear this year was helped by a change in her lifestyle from stress, shift work, and fatigue-filled days to natural, toxin-free living, organics, exercise AND a healthy colon!

Malia’s business, HydroHealth, offers  professional, comfortable and safe colonic irrigation services in the comfort of her relaxing loft-style clinic in Wellington City. Her gentle approach to naturally detoxify and gently remove the build-up of stagnating matter and gas from the colon reduces feelings of discomfort, bloating, and effects of constipation and stress. I’ve been visiting Malia for years and feel fabulous for it. Plus, if it was good enough for Princess Diana, why not give it a go!

Malia’s chose Life Flight Trust as her charity – Peter Button’s incredible vision of a 24/7 dedicated emergency air service. It has gone on to save more than 27,000 lives around New Zealand. One of those lives was Malia’s husband, a few years ago after a motorbike crash on the Rimataka Hill Road. This community supported service continues only through support by the community – Read more at: Life Flight Trust

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Jackie’s Book #28 arrives at her charity in the UK – Equine Pathways (featured last month) Go team!

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Shelley, Driver #17, owns a successful consultancy on Canada’s west coast

Columbia provincial government before hanging out her own shingle as a consultant. Her three favourite things include traveling (especially to visit her much-loved son as he hops around the globe), drinking fine wine and playing golf. Her team is racing for the BC SPCA.

The BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. Shelley has been a supporter of the charity for years and encourages everyone to get behind their programmes which range from adoption and public awareness campaigns to animal rescue and advocacy. Visit BC SPCA >>>

Looks like Shelley (second from left) means business! Seen here in hot pursuit of Team Iditarod’s Driver (#10) during last year’s trip to NZ.

Shelley enjoyed her three favourite things AND managed to get in some exciting entertainment at the first ex-wives Christmas club!

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Marjolein, Reader 2, Team Nina Book #40, in Netherlands

Marjolein’s curation of fab snapshots inspired Nina’s love of photography.

SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) is New Zealand’s leading animal advocacy organisation. Founded in 1932, SAFE raises awareness, challenges cruel practices, and fosters compassion so humans no longer exploit or abuse animals. With over 20,000 members, SAFE high-profile campaigns, displays, demonstrations, education services and research fosters greater understanding of the state of human-animal relations in Aotearoa. Visit SAFE for Animals NZ>>>

Nina is a business woman on the move. A former manager at Nespresso Wellington, she now graces their Netherland operation. As girlfriend of ‘Allan’ (ILYSM, page 41) Nina is an ‘adopted’ family member. She was keen to support The Amazing Read and Jordan, and is excited to know someone that had written a book!

Nina’s three favourite things are travel, photos and food. Travel leads to new experiences; Photos are a fascinating window into the human mind, our surroundings and apply her photography major ( Bachelor of Design from Wellington, yay); and food – the social aspect of eating out – give Nina ultimate happiness.

Nina chose to support SAFE for animals because she feels we have a responsibility to give animals a voice. Nina absolutely adores animals, especially dogs and panthers, and is appalled by how we treat our fellow creatures. SAFE NZ does good things for our furry/fuzzy/slippery friends & tips on cruelty-free companies.

Introducing lovely Nina, Driver #40, with ILYSM in Amersfoort

“I love that the book is based in Wellington, and I can recognise some of Alexis’ local haunts. It seems like such a labour of love to write a book, and am very proud of Jordan for sending this into the world!”

Nina’s memorable travel experience was with Michael in the amazing Hogwarts-like castle Fairmont Hotel Banff n the Canadian Rockies (below). She’d love to return to this whimsical place to ski, swim and have another round of Tim Horton’s. With more photos to take of the breathtaking landscape, Nina hopes she’ll return soon!

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Valentine’s Day FEATURE: Our Model Sweethearts – Dave (Driver #35) & Suzie

Anyone that spends time with Dave and Suzie can attest they are the perfect choice for the Valentine’s Day “poster couple” – they embody the essentials for an amazing relationship. They have been an inspiration of ‘true love’ since before they wedded here in windy Wellington. At a recent catchup in their Hunter Valley home, I saw their love continue to bloom many years later. When asked of his three favourite things in the world, not surprisingly Dave replies: “my beautiful wife Suzie, as she is my rock; my two gorgeous children because they make me so proud; and golf, because it’s a chance to relax in the open air with great friends.” Suzie and Dave know what it means to be great friends. I so appreciate their friendship and their support in The Amazing Read.

Dave’s charity is the Cancer Council of Australia. The wonderful couple celebrated the new year with the best ever announcement of Dave getting the all clear on his recent battle with cancer. We are all thrilled and cherish the strength of Dave and Suzie’s love that saw them both through the tough past year. We celebrate with you now, our model Valentine’s sweethearts for kicking cancer’s ass!

Much love to you both xx

Dave (Driver #35) sandwiched between love of his life Suzie & adoring fan Jordan – Hunter Valley

Cancer Council Australia has transformed from a small secretariat 54 years ago to a strong federal body, now Australia’s peak independent authority on cancer control. It and members undertake activities from research, information, prevention and patient support, to treatment. Visit Cancer Council Australia>>>

Thanks for taking good care of our Dave & Suzie!!

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