DECEMBER UPDATE – Now look what you’ve started!!!

Fifty travel editions of I love you, send money started racing all around the globe – from Melbourne and Hunter Valley in Oz, to waterways in Netherlands; gay Paris to major New Zealand cities; Leeds to the Shetlands in the UK, and coast to coast USA and Canada from San Diego to Victoria BC, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia – OMG FANTASTIC !!!

The charities each team is racing for also cover the globe and are incredibly diverse from children and animals to health and social welfare. A few include: Cure Kids, Breakfast Club of Canada, United Way, Life Flight Trust, Blind Foundation, UNICEF, Women’s Refuges, Cancer Research, Cancer Society, SPCA and Habitat for Humanity. At Christmas it feels great to know you and your teams will be racing to support the work of great charities!

Each month you’ll get highlights of The Amazing Read as teams grow in size and strategies emerge to cover the most miles in the least time 🙂 You’ll learn more about drivers and their chosen charities in the lead up to 1 June 2017, when all books are due back in Wellington to be auctioned for their selected charity.

Talking to drivers at the start, three camps emerge: ‘Control freaks’, ‘Go with the flow’, and ‘Dazed and confused’ racers. Which team is yours? Well, Control freaks already identified ten readers, addresses and max allowed reading time per racer; the Go with the flow drivers are happy for fate to guide their books, trusting the universe (and the next reader) will sort the next reader and so on; and finally, the Dazed and confused racers were heard saying “what the heck has Jordan signed me up for now.”

You just need to remember just 2 things: READ & REVIEW, then SNAP & SEND. When the book arrives, read and review it – there is space at the back of the book to record info; then take a photo of ‘the book’ in your location or reading it (see samples below). Send the photo to me for posting on FaceBook and the I love you, send money website, and send the book to the next reader. Each reader receives an eBook after I get their photo – Simple right? But hurry, hurry – a few teams are already on racers 2 and 3!

I’ll see you here next month, and in the meantime, happy reading, safe travels and from my family to yours, have a fantastic and amazing Christmas with your friends and loved ones! 

Arohanui, Jordan xox 

A review from Jos, an Amazing Reader…

WOW! This was a great, fun and powerful read.  It sends home the message that cyber dating can have a good side. But, there is also a dark side … Jordan has an easy style and great use of humour and observation to keep you glued to see what happens next.  HIGHLY recommended A+++. I look forward to reading the sequel.” – Jos Dobson (18 Dec 2016)


Meet some of The Amazing Read drivers & charities

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Meet Driver Book #28 & Equine Pathways UK

Jackie is Driver #28, a creative home renovator who has flipped more properties than the flapjack cook at Belle’s Diner. One of her favourite things is spending time with her children and granddaughter, who receive Jackie’s generous dollops of unconditional love. In exchange, Jackie receives tons of joy and together with her close and loyal friends, weathers the storms and enjoys the sunny skies of life’s many adventures. Jackie’s most memorable travel experience was with youngest daughter Gracie in the UK and Europe. Gracie created an adventure for mum traversing the streets of Paris with heavy suitcases desperately looking for a vacancy (oops forgot to book a hotel). The overnight train from Milan to Rome was another highlight, sharing a four bunk cabin and sleeping on handbags to avoid a new cash-less adventure! Jackie chose Equine Pathways UK, a Leeds based equine therapy organization that offers sessions for those suffering with mental disorders including children struggling with bullying, autism and learning difficulties; and adults battling depression and overcoming other stressful illnesses. Many horses have been rescued from unsuitable living conditions and carefully rehabilitated to offer their innate sensitivity and create a unique bond to build relationships of confidence, self-esteem and comfort. Recent recipients of The Yorkshire Choice Awards and The Duke of York Awards, you can read more at their link: Visit Equine Pathways UK

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Team Iditarod & ILYSM in Island Bay, NZ

Driver #10, Ritch sent this beautiful pic of ILYSM on the deck overlooking tranquil (at least today) Island Bay. A native of Canada’s West Coast, Ritch has been a Bay dweller for over twenty years. He enjoys playing the guitar in his band, biking and golf. A memorable travel experience for Ritch was dressing up as an RCMP ‘Mountie’ on stage with the show girls at Diamond Tooth Gerty’s in Whitehorse, before driving to Alaska the next day in a snow storm when the back windscreen of his Jeep shattered due to cold. Lucky his co-pilot was at the wheel and remained totally composed!

Ritch’s charity of choice is the Fred Hollows Foundation. Kiwi born Fred Hollows (1929-1993) was a world renowned eye doctor and humanitarian who worked tirelessly to restore sight to cataract blind people in developing countries across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Fred believed in the right of all people to high quality and affordable eye care. The Foundation’s work has delivered over two million treatments – in many cases a 20-minute operation costing as little as $25! Visit Fred Hollows Foundation

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Meet Dean, Arrowhead Consulting, Driver #32

Dean’s Team “Island Time” aptly captures his three favourite things: sunshine, island locations, and friends. All make him feel good and all offer perfect fishing opportunities! After a 20 year friendship, Dean was keen to support a new chapter with The Amazing Race project integrating all things Jordan: creativity, travel, and charity [thanks matey]. Dean’s memorable travel experience took place on the busy streets of Bangkok while assisting a board member’s wife find a handbag – don’t all great stories start this way? A well-dressed Thai woman with perfect English approached the pair with a map to “the perfect purse store.” A nano-second later on the back of a tuk-tuk, six foot Dean barely able to see as they visited dozens of shops from PG to X-rated, but with no handbags in sight! Realising the driver was after the petrol vouchers he got at each store, Dean negotiated one last stop, no handbag, but his shopping companion walked away with a lovely pair of Jimmy Choo’s – unfortunately none were available in Dean’s size. The Blind Foundation NZ was an easy charity choice for Dean. A previous client of, he thoroughly enjoyed working with them, and now also admits some age-related self interest.

The Blind Foundation is NZ’s main provider of practical and emotional support for the 12,100 Kiwis who are blind or have low vision, enabling them to face their future with confidence. The Foundation vision is ‘Life without limits – Kahore e Mutunga Ki te Ora’ and staff support independent living, using technology, continuing to read and communicate, being socially active and staying in or looking for work. Kendall and Baylee (pictured above) experience severely limited vision and acute sensitivity to the harsh NZ sun. Donations help people with low vision fulfil their potential and step into a future not limited by sight loss. Visit The Blind Foundation

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