Rules of The Amazing Read

Below are the rules and instructions for ‘The Amazing Read’ race, these rules are also printed on each physical copy of the <I Love You, Send Money> traveling books).

If a travelling book has landed in your lap, congratulations! You have a unique opportunity to be part of this special ‘travelling book’ experience. These first print editions of I Love You, Send Money were created to travel the globe, build a community and give to charity.

Goal: The objective of The Amazing Read is to be the first ‘travelling book team of ten’ to race around the globe, covering the most ‘miles’ and building the most distant community in the shortest time before 1 June 2017. The journey clock starts and ends at Pangaea Press, PO Box 19027, Courtenay Place, Wellington NZ 6149. The team with the most miles between stops (point to point) AND the team that travels around the globe in the shortest time win: a signed limited numbered first print edition of I Love You, Send Money, and signed copies of the rest of the trilogy for your home library. Charities also win, receiving auction proceeds at the end of the Race.

Instructions: First please enjoy reading the book. Fill in the details on the back pages, including location, contact details and place your reader number on the map. Send a photo of you and the travelling book together with a geographic place marker that distinguishes your location to: Next, send your book to a far away friend or family member to treat them to their next read and to grow your book’s community. If you are Reader #10, please send your book home to Pangaea Press to arrive by 1 June 2017.

All participants in The Amazing Read adventure will receive complimentary copies of the trilogy of eBooks. We’ll send you I Love You, Send Money when you email us your photo, and eBooks two and three will be in your hot little hands well before they go on sale.

Bon voyage: Let the experience begin!

The last reader of each race please ensure the book returns to: Pangaea Press, by 1 June 2017.
The journey clock will end when this book arrives at: Pangaea Press, PO Box 19027, Courtenay Place, Wellington NZ 6149

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